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  • Implementation

    ERP Implementation Plan Customized To Your Business

    Our specialists use proven ERP implementation methodology and best practices to manage your project. From requirements analysis, implementation and customization, to training and ongoing support, Polaris is with you every step. We ensure your solution integrates seamlessly with other systems, so your staff is prepared to use your new solution as soon as it's up and running.

    ERP Implementation Experience with Acumatica and Microsoft Dynamics

    With 25 years of technical knowledge and expertise, the Polaris team brings a wealth of experience to your ERP system implementation project. What that means to you, is a highly skilled project team that understands the necessary applications and emerging technologies your specific business requires, and is able to share that knowledge with your staff. In addition to their extensive ERP implementation experience with Microsoft Dynamics, many of our consultants have also been controllers, managers and previous end-users of the software. Our team also has several CPAs on staff and brings practical experience to each project to help you get the most out of the system.

    ERP Implementation Methodology

    Our successful implementation methodology is founded upon industry standard principles, drawing on decades of successful implementation experience. The result is a consistent, streamlined approach, which facilitates rapid deployment and can be tailored to each client's specific needs. All our project managers attend professional project management training so they can bring the latest tools and techniques to your implementation, and help us to continue to improve our service to you.


    Most businesses operate using various systems that don't easily communicate or share information with each other. This leads to poorly informed decisions, increased overhead, duplicate data entries into multiple systems, inconsistent data between systems, and other inefficiencies. At Polaris, we realize the importance of helping you arrive at "one version of the truth" from your business management information systems.
    Our integration team specializes in building integrations using standard tools and WebServices technologies to integrate transactions between your ERP system and other disparate systems to provide you with an integrated best-of-breed solution. Every business can always run more efficiently. And every business can benefit from improved access to information. Let Polaris help you find the best ways to bring your business systems together.

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  • Technical Support

    After the implementation is finalized we are available and we step in to ensure that we take away the burden of troubleshooting software problems, or figuring out how to improve software to work as intended. We can help you keep your ERP system on the latest version, so you don't get sidetracked. Whether you need guidance with upgrades, training, or software support, the Polaris team is ready to help. The reason you should consider us for your support is:
    1. Experience: We have a very experience staff who can provide training, troubleshoot problems, and guide you through software upgrades with minimal interruption.
    2. Affordable: We offer a consistent, reasonable cost for support so you can budget your software investment accurately.
    3. Continuity: We are aware of how much your business relies on the system so our team will always be to diagnose and solve software problems quickly, so you can get back to business.

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  • Consultation

    Consultation for New or Failing projects

    Our team is available to offer consultation to your organization at different levels both new projects and failing projects. Our team has combined experience of over 30 years implementing Microsoft Dynamics this ensures that we can handle all your needs, from implementation, customization, and ongoing support. With our team you will get access to not only the best ERP solutions on the market but the best onsite and offsite support and training.

    Do you Have the Right Partner?

    By engaging them at the right time, in the right place, in the right way throughout the journey.

    Create proactive experiences

    Having the right Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner is what makes the difference whether your implementation will success or fail and whether you will really get value for your money. With Polaris you will have the answers to your questions and the right solutions to any of your businesses problems. Switch to a more compatible Dynamics NAV partner Polaris if your partner:
    • Does not understand your business?
    • Does not provide insight and training?
    • Does not proived staff available when you need them?

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  • Business Process Documentation

    During ERP selection, business process documentation is essential to getting a clear view of current operations and assessing how the available ERP solutions can help improve processes.Due to our long term experience with ERP implementation we guarantee our customers complete and effective business process documentation. This ensures that we provide you with easy to understand documents clearly depict the business processes within your entire organization.

    We use a structured process brings caters for inclusivity of all your teams at different levels of the organizations and helps bring together ideas from business owners and managers, as well as operational employees who keenly understand each step, time-saving shortcuts, and performance standards that apply to separate parts of the process. Our service doesn't just end with the submission of the document but we extend our work to the implementation phase where we ensure that each process is included in the system as was expected.

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